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DJI FlightHub Review

DJI, the world’s largest drone manufacturer has released FlightHub, calling it the “ultimate solution for managing your drone operations”. Let’s break it down for you, FlightHub is a web-based application that was developed to give enterprises and drone service providers complete management over their drone operations. FlightHub features real-time operation view, flight data storage and team management with other features planned to be released on the horizon.

This may come as a surprise to most people but DJI who already dominates the commercial drone market, listened to a lot of their users feedback about developing an enterprise software for use with the majority of their drones.

So what is FlightHub is capable of?

Live Operations Management

FlightHub allows users to view their drone operation in real-time from anywhere in the world. This feature is awesome and actually performs better than we expected, considering this was a beta. Two different options are available, Map View and Real View.

Map View – Each pilot transmits real-time telemetry data of their drone operation on map-based view. This allows the dispatcher to see the exact location of each of their drones in order to coordinate missions. Pilot names, aircraft type, height, speed, direction and exact location are visible on the map.

Live View – The dispatcher can view live camera and sensor feeds for up to four drones at any time. This is a great feature and is really going to progress the industry. The ability to rapidly be informed and make operational decisions will save enterprises time and money

Flight Data Management

FlightHub will securely store all flight data including flight logs and statistics automatically. All pilot flight information is stored in a database that is searchable and allows you to look up telemetry data from flights in the past as well as videos and images. With all this data being collected, FlightHub will provide statistics on each pilot to assess efficiency, and compliance. Videos and images are automatically transferred and stored in FlightHub through the new DJI Pilot app reducing time post flight.  Pilots can view their flights and review past missions in order to improve processes and flight skills. DJI ensures that the data is securely stored and protected. Cloud-based storage services are also planned to be released for FlightHub in the near future.


Team and Aircraft Management

FlightHub is set up with a 3 level ranking system.  Administrators, captains, and pilots. Pilot management is done through this system and FlightHub gives you the ability to organize pilots and captains into teams based on different parameters such as client or type of mission. Drone Fleet management comes easy with flight hub. This is something that drone service providers will be grateful for in the future as the FAA starts to crack down on drone operations. This is possible through the drone flight logs and can be exported and used for compliance and maintenance checks.



FlightHub uses the brand new DJI Pilot app that is used to control the drone. The app is only available on android devices now but an IOS version will soon be released.  Currently, the app is compatible with the DJI Mavic ProPhantom 4 SeriesInspire 2, and M200 Series.





Soaring Sky strongly supports FlightHub and is currently using it in day to day operations. This software is currently in beta but we think that it is going to be extremely valuable for drone service providers and enterprises across the board. We believe that FlightHub will streamline processes, improve compliance, and provide a platform for drone operations to scale rapidly.  DJI already has more features planned to release soon and with the feedback from the beta users it will be interesting to see how it develops in the future.



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