Cell Tower Inspections 101 Online Course


**PRE ORDER** This online course is broken up into 7 modules, Module 1 is the General overview and introduction, in Module 2 we discuss our business strategy that we have been successful with to obtain contracts for telecom inspections, in Module 3 we will begin to discuss the basics of cell towers and an introduction to inspections, next, in Module 4 we go into the details of telecom towers and how to differentiate the parts and components of the major wireless providers, module 5 is all about how to do the inspection and best equipment and practices required, In module 6 it’s all about the data, how to best package and present it to your customer, and finally, module 7 is the post flight review and actions. This course should give you the knowledge you need to begin conducting commercial telecom inspections right away, however, we do recommend taking our in person class to have direct hands on experience and earn our soaring sky certification.