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Commercial Services


Industries are constantly changing and requests for better, faster, and more cost effective services are on the rise. Each year hundreds we inspect thousands of structures for the purpose of property and casualty damage assessment. Drones enable adjusters and inspectors to turnaround claims in a matter of days instead of weeks or months. Soaring Sky is leading the market through by offering nation-wide drone data collection services. Through our proprietary software, industry training, and nationwide network of pilots Soaring Sky is ready to respond.

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Soaring Sky provides large scale operations the ability to inspect assets in a safe and efficient way. Pilots are deployed to sites to collect the data then instantly uploaded to our cloud for processing. Identify anomalies and pinpoint structural weaknesses all while keeping personnel out of harms way.

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Soaring Sky will streamline operations by being able to take on tasks that were solely dependent on humans before drone technology. The early detection of issues creates a faster response time. Ultimately, using drone technology will mitigates risks and improve asset integrity,
While allowing for faster decision making and enhancing worker safety.

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Public Safety

Soaring Sky is scalable and ready for rapid deployment during emergency situations nationwide. Success relies on timely, and accurate information. Drones can stream HD footage to the emergency response coordinators which provides a detailed assessment of the situation and increases the decision making capabilities.

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